If the world poverty fact is that nearly half of the world’s population is living on less than $2.50 a day, it is therefore a big opportunity for you and me to think not only harder but also smarter in terms of being innovative.

To be innovative is the ability to translate an idea into a good or service that creates value or for which customers will pay. One can therefore be able to kick poverty out of his life if he can put the very many ideas that are in his mind into reality. In the end, these will be goods and services that the customers can pay him for.

Innovation does not just happen but it comes after someone has taken an initiative to do so. This therefore means that someone has to task himself to research on the problems of the people around him and find a way to solve them.

One can follow the 15 simple steps below to learn how to solve people’s problems through innovation;

1. Think about an easy thing you can do in a short period of time especially those things that have already been innovated

2. Research about it by reading books, using the internet and every other article that you come across concerning that idea

3. Take time and think about how you can do it by visualizing it in your mind

4. Get a paper and a pen and start drawing what you have visualized in your mind

5. Write out the requirements you need to do it

6. Find out if the requirements are available on the market

7. If they are not available try to think of a way you can improvise

8. Look for space where to do your work from

9. Start assembling your idea from the paper using a reference from that which has already been done some where

10. Test and see if it can work

11. If it fails up to the 99th time, the 100th will be your success

12. Call someone to assess the efficiency and quality of your work

13. Let him or her compare it with a product that is already on the market

14. Then go back to the drawing board and think again about your original idea and how to improve it

15. Last but not least follow the steps above once again in your pursuit for improvement

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