Lincolnshire-based Wedding Photographer Professional illustrator based in Lincolnshire, UK, ORAZ creates freelance illustration for a range of commercial clients Dance and Live Music Photography by ORAZ Studio in Lincolnshire, UK Vector logo designer ORAZ Studio in Lincolnshire, UK Photography, InDesign work and design by ORAZ Studios in Lincolnshire Illustrated Portraits and Commissioned Art by ORAZ Studio in England Professional Product Photography by ORAZ Studio in Lincolnshire, UK Travel photography by professional photographer ORAZ Studio, based in Lincolnshire, UK and Kyoto, Japan
  • Professional Wedding Photography

    We’ve shot weddings all over the world and we’re never happier than when our clients tell us our photos are some of their most cherished possessions. Get in touch and talk to us about how you want your special day to be remembered.

  • Illustration

    We provide professional illustrations and character designs. Specialising in digital art and illustrations, created in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, we create art for clients such as magazine and book publishers, video game studios, greetings card vendors, bands, brochures, posters and more.

  • Professional Dance + Live Music Event Photography

    Whether its a dance event, a live music event or any other challenging lighting situation, we’ve shot it. We know how to squeeze the best image out of any situation, so feel free to get in touch and challenge us.

  • Vector Logo Design + Branding

    We take care of your logo, vector design, banners, flyers, posters, CD art and anything else required in Adobe Illustrator.

  • Composition and InDesign Layouts

    We also do photographic composites like this, including typography, InDesign layouts and retouching.

  • Illustrated Portraits and Commissioned Art

    ORAZ Studio offers illustrated portraits and commissioned works of art, completed on a Mac or in good, old-fashioned pencil and ink. Originals and limited edition print runs, signed by the artist, are available. Contact us to discuss your illustration commission.

  • Professional Product Photography

    Product photography is an art unto itself and if you want your products to look their absolute best, professional lighting, photography and post-processing is a must. Click the button below to talk to the pros.

  • Travel Photography

    ORAZ Studio’s director is a former resident of Japan, so travel photography is one of our big passions. Our shots have been used by National Geographic, Japanzine and a range of other publications.

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Recent projects

Some of our clients

  • Zuishoen Japanese tea shop in Kyoto, Japan photography by Andy Heather of ORAZ Studio, based in Lincoln, UK
  • Nomura Art Museum in Kyoto, Japan
  • TEDxKyoto logo